Program Overview

Accelerator Series Course One

Professional Foundations of a Coach Approach in Leadership Roles
A coach education and Leadership development series for the foodservice & hospitality industry

Course Starts February 28th 2024
Enrollment Closes February 19th


Online Hybrid

Enrollment Deadline

February 19th

1st Live Class Date

February 28th

2024 Cohorts


What's included?

  •     Four - 2 Hour Live interactive virtual classroom days over a 4 week period, facilitated by experienced industry professionals
  •   Personal Dashboard
  •    Course Platform Access & Digital Materials
  •   Deadline driven course education modules, videos, exercises, digital workbooks and Assessments

   Achievement Certificate

Complete all course work, demonstrate your learning and participate in course live classroom & course discussions to earn a certificate of achievement issued by City of Hospitality Academy.

  Digital Credly Badge

Attend and participate in 100% of the Live sessions, participate in course discussions, demonstrate your learning, pass course quizzes and complete all course work to earn a shareable, verifiable Credly badge worthy of putting on your resume or sharing on LinkedIn or other social media.
Benefits Overview

Benefits of our coach approach training programs

What we are doing is different. We have brought together experienced coaches and educators with proven leadership experience in the hospitality and foodservice industry, to help redefine how we approach leading.

Unlike other coach training programs, ours is designed specifically for the pain points of our industry, not a generic curriculum that serves as a one-size-fits-all for leaders or executives of corporate and business sectors of all types.

~ Service is our world - and it's our business!

We listened and we stepped up...for YOU.

It is tough to find NEW ways to set yourself apart that actually improve your personal and professional life-skills. We help you strengthen both so your future is filled with possibilities.

You are we created accelerators.

Life is crazier than ever. Our courses are designed to be short, accessible, resource-filled and serve as dedicated time containers to apply what you are learning so you can hit the ground running.

Sometimes you need accountability space to grow with people who get it.
Welcome home!

Our instructors and participants have worn hospitality shoes, and know what it is like to work and lead in a challenging, ever shifting environment for high customer satisfaction and excellence in job performance. 
Course Overview

What is our accelerator series training program?

Hands-on application from Day One.

The first in a series of courses, our coach accelerators are all about blending leadership styles with a coach-approach mindset. We help you discover, define and strengthen both your leadership and coach styles using tools specifically suited to frontline work demands.

We meet you where you are in your career so that leaders at every level have a personalized experience of the program and discover their unique capacity for results oriented growth.

Our courses meet the gold standards for coaching education and leadership training - "unreasonable hospitality" is our goal too!

Discover your unique style of coach-approach in leadership

Students assess, explore & challenge their self-identified leadership and coach styles with guidance, feedback and educational supports that lead to a roadmap for continued growth.

Learn from curated, industry suited curriculum that ensures a "right fit" foundation for future growth

This course blends four primary foundational sets of research-based competencies to expand confidence, agility & build reflective coach and leadership practices.

Reflect, Apply and Connect

Our courses are delivered online as Hybrid learning (virtual live practice + coursework) to give you real-time hands-on learning practice - for your work and life scenarios. You come away with experiences, context and connections for ongoing forward momentum.
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Invest in yourself and your team

Develop actionable insights and put them to work for you and your team from day one

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, it's more important than ever to consistently work on improving your skills and expanding your mindset.

Whether you're looking to advance your career, get better at leading your team, or simply improve your quality of life and work, developing new skills is key to achieving your goals.

Enrollment Closes February 19th!

Course contents

What's included?

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Meet Your Teaching Team

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Elle Preston, PCC, DOE
City of Hospitality Academy Co-Founder

Lead instructor, mentor coach and Academy DOE for our coach education and training programs, Elle is available to answer questions and help clarify what helps you choose if coach-approach training is best for you, your teams and your organization. Schedule an opportunity to tap into her experience and get clear on your next steps.
  • 40 years of experience leading in the hospitality, consulting and coaching industries.
  • Multi-credentialed ICF professional certified coach (PCC), professional cognitive learning designer and behavioral specialist.
  • Coached thousands of one-to-one hours with hundreds of clients, including other professional coaches.
  • An ICF Master-coach-in-training, Elle is passionate about coaching leaders at every level to live-into their career and life potential, discover and maximize their strengths and achieve life enhancing goals.
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Gwen Kelliher, Co-Facilitator and Executive Assistant to the DOE

As a co-facilitator, Gwen is responsible for enrollment, facilitating discussions, providing feedback, and assisting with course development. Gwen is a skilled communicator and is able to connect with participants on a personal level, creating a positive and engaging learning environment.
  • 19 years of experience working with educators at all levels.
  • 9 years experience in coaching with Cognitive Coaching.
  • An active listener with a curious mind, Gwen offers engaging content and is ready to assist you with any questions you might have throughout the course.
  • Dedicated to helping participants achieve their goals and succeed in a coach-approach leadership style.

Interested in discovering more?

The Benefits of a Coach-Approach to Leading

Explore why a coach-approach to leading is powerful and relevant to future-ready job roles. Learn about the standards of ICF and why we choose to design all our programs around the ICF Core 8 Competencies of professional Coaching.

What the Course Experience is Like

With so many demands on your time, it can be hard to up-skill in a meaningful way. We give you as much hands-on experiential learning as we can squeeze into our short accelerators, so that you learn and practice at the same time. Learn how we do this.

Answers to Your Questions + Resources to Take With You

We know you will have questions that we might not have thought of, so this is your time to ask away! We are here to help you make an informed decision about joining us on an experiential skill-building journey. We can't wait to talk to you!